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Griffith University Notes

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Administrative Law Notes

Thorough exam notes for Administrative Law.

Australian Legal Foundations Notes

Australian Legal Foundations deal with the development of the legal system within Australia, discussing in detail components of liberalism and the rule of law. Along with this, the judicial system and its foundations are considered.

Contract Notes

Contract I notes discuss, in detail, the components behind the formation of a contract under Australian law. Contract II notes follow up from Contract Law I, and thoroughly examine the process of terminating a contract.

Equity Notes

These notes discuss equitable rights and assignments as well as fiduciary duties of parties and unconscionability. It deals with the relationship between equity and the common law.

Intentional Torts Notes

Intentional Torts deal with trespasses to person, land and goods, as well as privacy. They cover aspects such as assault, battery, conversion and detinue. These notes do not include negligence.

Legal Theory Notes

Legal Theory discusses the foundation theories underpinning the legal system. Such theories include feminism, marxism, liberalism and queer legal theory.

Principles of Criminal Law Notes

These notes discuss the foundations and principles of Criminal Law in Queensland. It covers all aspects of the Criminal Code and it's applicability in certain hypothetical situations. The notes are thoroughly in depth and also use case law to illustra

Trusts Notes

These notes deal with the law in relation to trusts, incorporating testamentary and inter vivos trusts, as well as other components including business trusts, charitable trusts and superannuation.

Griffith University Law Bundle 2013 Notes

Australian Legal Foundations, Contract, Equity, Intentional Torts, Legal Theory, and Trusts

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