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FL 6 Financial Agreements

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fl 6 financial agreements Table of Contents

Exam tip:

* Note that Part VIII does not apply to certain matters covered by binding financial agreements: s 71A FLA.

* What date was the agreement made?
o if financial agreement - if the provision was made before 27/12/2000 - then you look at s 87 o if it was mae on or after 27/12/2000 - then look at s 90B, (cf s 90 C agreements during divorce, s 90D agreemtents after divorcE) and s 90DA look at pages 2 or following of the handout. On that day a new PT VIII

* The parties may enter into a maintenance agreement defined in s 4 FLA

* maintenance agreement means an agreement in writing made, whether before or after the commencement of this Act and whether within or outside Australia, between the parties to a marriage, being an agreement that makes provision with respect to financial matters, whether or not there are other parties to the agreement and whether or not it also makes provision with respect to other matters, and includes such an agreement that varies an earlier maintenance agreement.


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financial matters means: (a) in relation to the parties to a marriage---matters with respect to: (i) the maintenance of one of the parties; or (ii) the property of those parties or of either of them; or (iii) the maintenance of children of the marriage; or

FL 6 Financial Agreements

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