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Topic Six Appearance Notes

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Topic 6: Appearance

TOPIC SIX: APPEARANCE An appearance is the procedure used by the defendant to inform the plaintiff that he or she intends to defend the proceedings. Gives name of the defendant's solicitors, and provides a proper address for service where service can be effected on defendant. It prevents the plaintiff entering a default judgment or taking further steps without notice to the defendant.






An appearance must be entered before taking a step in a proceeding (r8.02) D files sealed copy on each and every P in accordance with r6.07 (ordinary service) (r8.05(3)) Must be in form 8A, and have to get 'sealed' in the court (Form 8A) Appearances are filed for five reasons: o To avoid a default judgment o To inform the plaintiff the action is to be defended, the name of the defendant's solicitors, and an address where service can be effected o In the case of an unconditional appearance, to acknowledge the courts jurisdiction o As a precondition before a defendant can take a step in proceedings otherwise than with leave of the court; and o In the case of conditional appearances, to prevent waiver of procedural irregularities and of the right to object to the court's jurisdiction Failure to enter an appearance enlivens the issues of waiver and default judgment o Default judgment o Waiver:
? An inference can be drawn that the party does not intend to rely on the objection upon which he or she may otherwise be entitled to rely Lindgran v Lindgran
? The following conduct would appear to give rise to waiver:

* An application for security for costs and an extension of time for appearance

* An application for adjournment and to serve and answer interrogatories
? The following does not:

* Seeking particulars of a statement of claim on a summons to have service of the writ set aside

* Attempting to discharge an interim injunction on an application to set aside service prior to an appearance

1. Special Categories a) Minors/disability

* Special rules apply in relation to appearances by infants or others under a disability under which a guardian or similar person needs to be appointed (r15.02) b) Corporations

* A corporation may file an appearance by any person duly authorised by it to so act (r8.03(2)) c) Partnerships

* When a partnership is sued in the firm name, a partner must appear individually in his or her own name (r17.0417.06) d) Third parties

* Third parties are required to enter appearances or risk default judgment. (r11.08)

* Persons added or substituted as defendants must also enter an appearance (r9.11)

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