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Adverse Action Notes

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This is an extract of our Adverse Action document, which we sell as part of our Employment Law Notes collection written by the top tier of Monash University students.

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Topic 8: Adverse Action?Rule: o A person must not take adverse action against another person because the other person has a workplace right, or has or has not exercised a workplace right, or proposes or proposes not to exercise a workplace right, or to prevent the exercise of a workplace right by the other person s 340(1)
? This is a civil remedy provision o A person must not take adverse action against another person (the second person) because a third person has exercised, or proposes to exercise, a workplace right for the second person's benefit, or for the benefit of a class of persons to which the second person belongs s 340(2)
? This is a civil remedy provision o Accessorial liability: If a first person advises, encourages or incites or takes any action with intent to coerce a second person to take action, the first person is take to have contravened the provision s 362 Applicability of the provision: o This part applies to: s 338(1)
? Action taken by a constitutionally covered entity
? Includes: s 338(2) o a constitutional corporation o the Commonwealth o a Commonwealth authority o a body corporate incorporated in a Territory o an organisation
? Action that affects, or is capable of affecting, the functions, relationships or business of a CC entity
? Action that consists of advising, encouraging or inciting, or action with intent to coerce a CC to take action
? Action taken in a Territory or a Commonwealth place
? Action take by a trade and commerce employer; or a Territory employer
? Trade and commerce employer is a national system employer s 338(3) Has there been adverse action? s 342: 1) Adverse action is taken by an employer against an employee if the employer
? Dismisses the employee
? Injures the employee in his or her employment
? Alters the position of the employee to the employee's prejudice; or
? This is a broad additional category which covers not only legal injury but any adverse affection of, or deterioration in, the advantages enjoyed by the person before the conduct in question Qantas v ALAEA 2012
? Must be 'real and substantial' rather than 'merely possible or hypothetical' Qantas v ALAEA 2012
? If the person is in the cohort that is affected by a change, this is enough Qantas v ALAEA
? Discriminates between the employee and other employees of the employer
? Example of adverse action taken against employees:
? Complaining about their treatment, or that of their fellow works Qantas v ALAEA 2012
? Refusing to accept sub-award conditions Chileshe v E & M Business Trusts 2013
? Taking or being entitled to take leave FWO v WKO 2012

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