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This is an extract of our Equitable Personal Remedies Ii document, which we sell as part of our Equity Notes collection written by the top tier of Griffith University students.

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Restore persons who have suffered loss to the position in which they would
have been if there had been no breach of the equitable obligation.
* Compensation for a breach of an equitable obligation
o Eg. fiduciary obligation * Aims at restitution or restoration rather than compensating for harms
done * Discretionary

Proof of an adequate or sufficient connection between the equitable
compensation claimed and the breach of fiduciary duty * Maguire v Makaronis
o Law firm lent funds to a client to purchase a property, which was
secured by a mortgage. It wasn't disclosed that the firm was the
mortgagee and the client thought a bank was Firm had a retainer
to act for the client. The client defaulted on the second payment
and the firm claimed for unpaid funds, while client claimed breach
of fiduciary duty.
o HELD: breach of duty of interest and there was no informed
consent. Equitable compensation for the funds advanced, with
interest. * Once a breach of fiduciary duty has been shown, it is no longer a defence
to a claim of compensation
o The need to show that the defendants breach was a cause of the
plaintiffs loss

Flexibility of Equitable Compensation:
* Moulded to meet the justice of the case
o Based on the plaintiff's loss and/or the defendants gain
o Awarded to effect restitution even where the defendant has made
no gain

* May award simple or compound interest * Focus on the interest that would have accrued had the plaintiff invested
the funds in an alternative manner
o Only as an element in restitution not a punishment


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